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Transport Companies


If you are travelling by car you will find it relatively easy to move around the town. The roads are well maintained, and wherever you go there are always plenty of parking spaces.

There are a number of car hire companies in Harlow, their telephone numbers are as follows:

Hertz Rent A Car -  01279 433316

Alley Cat -  01279 436236

National Car Rental -  01279 417408


Harlow has a fleet of Black Taxis. There are a number of taxi stands throughout Harlow which always have taxis waiting, including Harlow Town Station, Harlow Bus Station and just outside the Harvey Centre entrance near the Playhouse Theatre. You can also book a Black Taxi for short or long journeys by calling Town Taxis on (+44) 01279 416827.

The are also other large licensed private hire companies operating in Harlow, so you never have to wait long to get where you are going.

Taxi Numbers:

S-line Private Hire Limited -  01279 888222 - -

ABC Cars -  01279 300900

A & Bee Cars -  01279 410500 or 01279 411466


We have two train stations in Harlow - Harlow Town Station and Harlow Mill Station. The trains are frequent, however beware that not all trains stop at Harlow Mill Station.

Harlow Town Station is a perfect way to travel to and from London, as well as Stansted Airport and the east including Cambridge.


Harlow has a large wide-ranging bus network which takes you around the whole of the town. The buses are frequent and inexpensive. The buses operate a route numbering system which takes you in a loop around each neighbourhood area.

Arriva website provides time tables for all bus routes in the area.

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