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As Artists See It

Gibberd Gallery, Civic Centre, The Water Gardens, CM20 1WG

Thursday 9th April 2015 - Friday 15th May 2015

Art exhibitions on the theme of Jazz are virtually unknown in this country and Harlow Art Trust will be breaking new ground with this vibrant exhibition.

This show includes prints, oil painting, sculpture, digital artwork, and drawing each with a unique interpretation of Jazz from its African American origins to today's smooth jazz scene. Artworks include bold portraits of Jazz greats, musically inspired sculptures and paintings that evoke the feel of Jazz and the environment in which it thrived. Also on display are Jazz posters, records, programmes, autographed sketches and a saxaphone.

Selected artists from the region and one from Sweden have been invited to produce work especially for this exhibition which will be opened by Liz Lincoln, Jazz Festival organiser and national jazz from Southend and Westcliffe.

Featured Artists :    

David Oxtoby

Peter Wickham
Derek Hutchison Nicola Burrel
Glynnis Bainbridge Nils-Johans Backstrom
Graham Boyd Ophelia Redpath
Graham Smith  Raphael Sagage 
Jim Curry Robin McCartney
John Graham Richard Brown
Michael Cook Sally Gorham
Moira Jones Tasha Fry
Neil MaCleay Tony White
Gosta Kriland  


Upcoming Jazz Events as part of the Show:

Saturday 25th April 11am - 2pm

For this Saturday opening we will be playing recorded Jazz music choosen by the artists themselves. They have requested pieces which have inspired them to create the artwork on display. Come enjoy the up beat joyful music and meet some of the artists.

Saturday 9th May 11am - 2pm

Live Jazz band to perform throughout the opening come and listen to Jazz fill the gallery and bring joy to the spring air.



Monday - Friday 9am - 4:45pm
Closed Saturday and Sundays except Saturday 25th April and 9th May 2015 11am - 2pm




Gibberd Gallery - 01279 446404

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