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Observation & Imagination

Parndon Mill

Thursday 13th August 2015 - Sunday 20th September 2015

The paintings and drawings in this exhibition have been produced during the past twelve months by individuals attending Painting and Drawing and Life Drawing classes held in the Project Space at Parndon Mill.

There is no dominant or "house" style here; what you see is a group of talented artists developing technical and creative skills and working in a variety of ways to find their own "voice" and evolve a personal response to the visual world. The ever present themes of still life, landscape and the human figure has been the main subject matter, supported by an increasing use of photography as a vital resource and as a starting point for creative development.

Drawing both as an end in itself as in life drawing, or as an integral part of a working process is central to the work of these groups; and working from observation where that deceptively simple act of looking carefully at line, form, structure and colour is also a common thread.

Parndon Mill is a refuge and an inspiration. The picturesque surroundings - trees, water, boats, buildings, animals have all been at various times subject matter for paintings and drawings. It is a pleasure to work here amongst this busy community of artists, designers and craft workers. I would like to thank Sally Anderson and Roger Lee for their support and encouragement and for the opportunity to exhibit this work produced in and around the Project Space. - Roger Jeffs Summer 2015observation and imagination





9am to 12 noon


Please visit for more information.


Deana Kim Page - 07817 862342

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